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RISE Registered Shaving Cream, Dermasil Registered Skin Care and Pears Registered Soap

The Rise International Group team is dedicated to manufacturing, marketing ,and licensing top,  high-recognition brand name products, such Dermasil Lotionas Rise shaving cream,  Dermasil skin care products, and Pears transparent soap, all of which  embody time proven quality, business integrity, consumer loyalty, and  outstanding market longevity. We offer premium products at value prices to resellers throughout the country and indeed the world. Our instantly recognizable products can maximize your profits by offering the ultimate consumer  not only top value for their dollar, but also a clear perception of quality.

We are more committed than ever to maintaining a solid business tradition by offering the finest quality products at the most attractive prices.

Contact us for Reseller Opportunities, Distribution, Wholesale or Brand Licensing
E-Mail or Call us Today: 1-800-282-1813

Our marketing efforts are currently  focused on the following categories, with additional ones on the horizon:

Skin Care
Men's Grooming

Personal Wash
Dry Skin Treatment


Rise Shave CreamWe proudly present our well recognized brands.


 Rise Shaving Products


    Rise high quality shave foams are formulated as a rich moist lather which promotes a close comfortable, shave while lightly scenting the skin with a fragrance of choice.  They combine the speed and convenience of a brushless shave foam with superb lathering and moisturizing characteristics. Trusted since the 50's.


 Pears Soap

    Pears  Soap

A 200-year brand with global recognition, Pears soap is especially made to take care of sensitive and delicate skin. It is famous for cleansing thoroughly, yet gently, and rinsing perfectly clean.


 Dermasil Skin Care Products

Luxurious, yet a high value brand, the Dermasil line of therapeutic skin care products is clearly intended for man and women with specific dry skin conditions.  To millions of users worldwide, Dermasil holds the wonderful potential to heal and control severely dry skin.

Dermasil Skin Care Products


    Our entire line is full of value for the consumer and profitability for the reseller, truly an outstanding business opportunity for sales, promotions and licensing

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